About Expenday

Report and manage your expenses

Whether you are at the office or outdoors, upload your expenses receipt just by photographing them and entering the minimal details. Expenday will get the rest done for you.

Generate expenses reports with a button click. Just select the period for the report and Expenday will generate an organised report and send it to an email address of your choice.

Manage your expenses by adding, deleting and modifying outlays and by attaching receipts to them. All your data are securely saved in a cloud based system.

Powerful and Simple

Expenday is a easy-to-use system for companies who want to manage their expenses in a convenient way. This includes managing and storing digital receipts as well as reporting expenses continuously.

  • Scan your receipt and let Expenday OCR extract amount and date automatically
  • Generate simple, but powerful standard reports of expenses
  • No complex invoicing or integrations with country-specific tax agencies
  • Completely cloud based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), accessable everywhere
  • Support for 30+ currencies for current and historical outlays
  • Set up recurring outlays
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Choose the best plan that fits your needs


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For small business

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For midsize business

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For large and enterprise business

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Download Expenday

Download the application on Google Play and on App Store (coming soon) for free